Waste Hauler Program

The AWA’s Westerly Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) accepts hauled in waste from all over Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio and Virginia. The hauled in waste currently being accepted includes holding tank, septic tank, POTW sludge, landfill leachate, brine water, hydrostatic test water and porta-potty waste. Before agreeing to accept any waste, the AWA requires haulers to provide an analytical of the material as well as drop a sample off to the AWA lab for analysis. The results must be within certain limits to be acceptable. For the required analytical, please see the “Required Parameters for Hauled in Waste” form.

The Westerly WWTF currently has 36 permitted haulers. In 2020, the Westerly WWTF accepted 34,071,141 gallons of hauled in waste. Please see the “2020 Wastewater Fees” under Rates for pricing. If interested in discharging hauled in waste, please contact one of the following:


Josh Wyandt                                                               Susan Englehart                                 

Environmental Services Manager                               Assist. Environmental Services Manager

144 Westerly Treatment Plant Rd                              144 Westerly Treatment Plant Rd

Duncansville, PA 16635                                             Duncansville, PA 16635

JWyandt@altoonawater.com                                     SEnglehart@altoonawater.com

814-949-2218 x 2209                                                 814-949-2218 x 2234

Please See Attached Forms and Rates.