Service Line and Meter Installation

Service Line Installation

Before a property owner can request a new service line or water line for a property, the property must first border the Authority's water main. If a property does not border the Authority's main a property owner may either obtain an easement granting access to the main or submit an application to extend the main. No tap to the Authority's main line will be installed without prior approval by the Authority's maintenance department.

Meter Installation

All water supplied by the Authority for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes shall be measured through a water meter for the purpose of ascertaining the amount of water supplied.   It is the policy of the Authority that all meters are to be installed in meter pits.  This policy applies to new construction, service line relays and where otherwise deemed necessary by the Authority.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the meter pit and the Authority will not be liable for any damage or problem which may arise when a meter pit has been deemed inaccessible by the Authority.

When the Authority installs a meter pit on an existing service line, the cost of said installation will be paid by the Authority.  Your water meter will be removed from the premises and a new water meter will be installed in the meter pit.