Prohibited Discharges

The discharge of waters not containing sewage is prohibited except with the approval of the Director, or as otherwise provided in the Wastewater System Regulations. No storm water connections from any building or yard (including down spouts, roof leaders, gutters, area drains, french drains, and sump pumps); nor any drain from any catch basin, lake, pond, or swimming pool; nor any outlet for surface water, storm water or groundwater of any kind, nor channels which may at anytime carry surface drainage from hydraulic pressure or well points; shall be connected to the collection system or any such public sewer tributary (portions of Allegheny and Logan Townships). Such discharges described above may only be connected to a storm sewer, or natural outlet.

No person or persons shall discharge or cause to be discharged any of the following described waters or wastes to the collection system:

  1. Any gasoline, benzene, naphtha, fuel oil, motor oil, or other flammable or explosive liquid, solid, or gas.
  2. Pollutants which result in the presence of toxic gases, vapors, or fumes within the wastewater treatment facilities in a quantity that may cause acute worker health and safety problems.
  3. Any water or wastes having a pH lower than 6.0, having a pH greater than 10.0, or having any other corrosive property capable of causing damage to structures, equipment of the collection system, or harm to personnel employed by the Wastewater Division.
  4. No solid or viscous substances in quantities or of such size as to be capable of causing obstructions to the flow of the collection system, or otherwise interfering with the proper operation of the wastewater works such as, but not limited to, ashes, cinders, sand, mud, straw, metal shavings, glass, rags, feathers, tar plastics, wood, un-ground garbage, whole blood, paunch manure, hair and fleshing, entrails, paper dishes, cups, milk containers, etc., either whole or ground by garbage grinders.
  5. No wastes, other than domestic sewage, from any hospital, mercantile, manufacturing or industrial establishment, or any steam, hot gases or vapors, grease fats, oils, acids, carbon, iron or mineral wastes, or any other wastes which would tend to obstruct the collection system, or be injurious to the public health, be detrimental to the wastewater collection system and the wastewater treatment facilities.
  6. No trucked or hauled wastewater is permitted to be discharged into the collection system. This wastewater shall be disposed at the designated discharge point at either wastewater treatment facility by an Altoona City Authority permitted Septic Service.

Questions regarding prohibited discharges to the wastewater collection system and the combined sewer system may be addressed to the Altoona Water Authority's Pretreatment Office at 949-2246 or 949-2250. Questions regarding odors from storm water catch basins may be addressed to the City of Altoona Highway Department at 949-2211 or 949-2212.

Requirements for Relay of Sewer Laterals

Any existing customer may make application for replacement of the existing sewer lateral at the Department of Public Works, Altoona City Hall. The cost of the new relay is five hundred seventy-five dollars ($575.00)

When a customer requests the installation of a replacement sewer lateral, that customer shall have his plumber install a new clean out at the property line. The Altoona Water Authority Wastewater Division Sewer Maintenance Crew shall install the new lateral only after the plumber has finished the installation of said clean out.