Update Regarding Recent Fish Kill Near AWA Easterly WWTF

As the Director of Wastewater Treatment Operations of the Altoona Water Authority, I would like to provide some information regarding the fish kill near the outfall of the Altoona Water Authority Easterly Wastewater Treatment Facility. When the fish kill was reported to the Altoona Water Authority, our staff worked with representatives of the DEP to determine if effluent from the facility may have caused the kill. At the outfall the fish population was healthy and there was no evidence of any stress on the fish. The Altoona Water Authority staff reviewed all outfall logs and confirmed that the constant monitoring showed no signs of any upsets or changes in plant effluent for days in front of the kill. While the kill is disappointing, the Altoona Water Authority prides itself on our effluent quality and our responsibility to the receiving waters. Please know that if the Altoona Water Authority was responsible for a detrimental impact to the stream we would take full responsibility for our action. The Altoona Water Authority looks forward to a continued positive relationship with the Little Juniata River Association. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 814-949-2218x2202. 

Best Regards,

Todd Musser