Frequently Asked Questions - Water Quality

Trace amounts of ammonia are naturally present in public water systems. However, detection of ammonia in fish tanks is most-likely from waste products of the fish, and other organic matter.

Nearly all public water systems in Pennsylvania contain some type of leaded plumbing materials either in the distribution system or in homes or other buildings.

Optimal corrosion control treatment minimizes the lead concentrations at users' taps. Tap water samples are collected from homes and buildings throughout the community.

During 2019 there were no homes or other buildings where samples exceeded the EPA Action Level.

Typically, Altoona system water has a hardness value in the range of 2 to 5 grains per gallon or 34 to 85 mg/L.

No, but it has a natural trace presence in our water. The benefits of adding fluoride to public water systems has been a topic for debate since 1945.

The optimal range for fluoride addition is a narrow band. Too little addition has no "cavity fighting" benefit, while too much can lead to irreversible mottling, staining, and pitting of teeth.