Frequently Asked Questions - Billing

3rd party bill payment services such as DOXO offer bill payment solutions to consumers as an alternative way to pay all their bills, similar to how bank bill pay works. In many instances a fee is charged for this service. Consumers should be aware that payment to the Authority may take 3-10 days before payment is delivered and posted to their account. The Altoona Water Authority is not affiliated with any 3rd party bill pay service and does not honor payments made using these services until payment has been received and posted by the Authority to a customer's account.

Not only can you pay your bill on-line but you can access your account through our customer portal. This is a great way to view your account history, pay your bill or sign up for eBill. Simply select the "Pay Your Bill" option and follow the prompts.

Water/Sewer bills, like all municipal services, are liens against the property making the property owner responsible.

Yes. We now have the ability to draft your monthly water/sewer payment directly from your checking/savings account. Download the authorization form and instructions by clicking the link below.





Yes. As long as service is on there is a base charge for water, sewer, water surcharge & sewer surcharge by meter size. See our billing information page for the current rates.

Check out our Billing and Education pages for information on how to read your meter and how to check for leaks. It's good information to know. If you need any help call our customer service department and one of our representatives will assist you.

We also have water conservation kits available, stop in and pick one up!

Credit card payments can be made at our customer service department, by calling 814 949-2540, or from our website by selecting Pay Your Bill On-Line Billing. THERE IS A FEE FOR THIS SERVICE.

If water service is off there is a fee to have service restored. Also, you may be charged a security deposit.

There are a number of places other than our customer service department where you can pay your bill. Please reference the billing information page How to Pay Your Bill for this information.

All checks should be made out to ALTOONA WATER AUTHORITY
and sent to PO Box 3150, Altoona, PA 16603-3150.

The " - " before an amount means a credit charge. If the " - " appears before your total balance, YOU DON'T OWE ANYTHING for the current billing.