Mansion Park area sewer upgrades

We have recently contracted with Insight Pipe of Harmony PA to clean several sanitary sewer lines in the Mansion Park neighborhood. The contractor will also install a cured-in-place liner, which eliminates the need for excavation and greatly reduces the change of damage to roads and private property. This project is part of our continuing effort to upgrade and improve the sanitary sewer system. Weather permitting, construction will begin on September 16th and continue through the end of the month. To access certain manholes, the contractor may need to bring vehicles and equipment onto private property. Before work begins, the contractor will take video and/or photographic records. All attempts will be made to avoid property damage while the work is being done. However, in the event that damage occurs, property will be restored to pre-construction conditions. During this project, the contractor will minimize traffic inconveniences as much as possible and will coordinate with any property owners whose access to individual residences may be affected. For customers whose sewer lateral is tapped directly onto one of the mains being lined, advance written notice will be hand-delivered to your property with specific instructions. If you do not receive written instructions, no further action is required on your part.