On Tuesday October 3rd, we will be flushing near the Valley View Home. Systematic flushing is good for overall water quality. However, in the short term, some customers may notice temporary disturbances such as low pressure, dirty water, or cloudy water.

If any customers do experience water quality problems, we expect the affected area to be limited to the neighborhood between George Ave / Walton Ave and S 3rd St / S 8th St.

If you are a customer in that area and we have your phone number on file, you will be receiving an advance voice and/or text message on Monday October 2nd.

Although these disturbances should resolve shortly on their own, any customers experiencing water quality problems are encouraged to report them by calling the Water Maintenance Yard at 814-949-2214.


We are currently upgrading our meter / meter reading system. This is a 2 phase project that involves first installing a device that will allow readings to be transmitted daily and second upgrading all meters to a new “smart” meter that will aid us in leak detection and water accountability.  The project will take approximately 5 to 6 years to complete. You may see our personnel working outside your home or it may be necessary for our personnel to gain access to your home during this upgrade. Please request ID before allowing anyone to enter your home.

For information about the water meter upgrade project and how it may affect your electrical grounding requirements, please click here.


HomeServe USA, a leading provider of home repair service plans, has partnered with the Altoona Water Authority (AWA) to serve as the utility's preferred service provider for home repair solutions. Residents served by the AWA will be offered optional Exterior Water Service Line repair plans through HomeServe. Additional plans that cover sewer lines and in-home plumbing are also available for AWA customers.

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